Bentonite clay is a unique natural sorbent that can absorb moisture and absorb odor.

It is the most demanded raw material in the production of clumping litter for cats litter. Pet owners highly value such fillers made from natural (the raw material base of the enterprise is the best bentonite clay deposit in Ukraine – “Grigorievsky mine”) bentonite clay for its efficiency, environmental friendliness and high consumer properties.
Private Joint Stock Partnership “Obvazhnyuvachiv Plant” is a Ukrainian leader at the Cat Land bentonite products. One of the cleansing napovnyuvachіv for the toilet kіshok viroblyayut from bentonites – finely dispersed clays with a very high mineral, which will prevent the process of breast coughing when interacting with rіdinoyu. It is efficient to use bentonites to get cleanliness in the house and allow you to relieve problems, connected with the hygienic creation of food. Before the number of the main passes of bentonite clay, the producers of yakim material know more widely in this period of time, including:
– adsorption power Cat Land. Granules made of bentonite clay instantly glaze a large amount of ridin and neutralize an unpleasant odor, nadovgo will create an atmosphere of purity in the booth. Water-clay bentonite napovnyuvachiv can reach the value up to 100%;
– Instant formation of strong Cat Land lumps. All moisture and unpleasant odors are reliably blocked inside the lump. Such lumps can be easily removed from the tray, so that a complete replacement of the filler is not required. The bulk of the bentonite litter remains dry and recyclable, ensuring your pet’s litter box is fresh and clean. Bentonite litter will work effectively if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep the layer in the tray at least 5 cm;
– Ecological purity of Cat Land. Bentonite napovnuvach for toilet cats є one of the most ecologically and non-baked products for storing food. Wine is not toxic, non-wet, not allergic, not injured in the lower kitten’s paws. Attracting to such a tray is simply simpler, splinters of ecologically pure natural clay will make you feel like a natural place.


Some of the most purchased products are fillers made from clay

ur company quickly adopted a new direction for production and began to produce a special product for cat litter – Cat Land litter for pets. The filler consists of small granules that mimic the natural environment and do not cause rejection in animals. The main task of the product is to quickly and effectively absorb moisture and unpleasant odors, therefore it is made from safe absorbent materials.

Clumping Cat Land filler after moistening sticks together into lumps, which should be removed from the tray, adding a new portion instead. Absorbent filler granules, absorbing moisture, scatter, which makes it impossible to partially replace it in the tray. This filler is replaced in full.

Some of the most purchased products are fillers made from clay, the best made from bentonite clays. Bentonite absorbs liquid well, swells, forming lumps that are easy to remove. Therefore, we have developed the new Cat Land litter in a convenient packaging for our customers at 2.5 kg. and 5 kg.



The principle of operation of the lumpy filler is that when moisture gets on it, lumps are formed, which are easily removed from the tray. In this case, you do not need to change the entire filler. Cleaning of the toilet should be done daily: it is necessary to remove lumps and solid waste and add filler to the required amount.
Many customers complain that the lumpy litter does not clump, and moisture flows down to the bottom of the tray and sticks to the bottom along with some of the litter. Then it is difficult to wash it off. But in reality, many people simply misuse clumping filler. According to the instructions, you need to pour at least 4-5 cm of filler into the tray. Then he will be able to properly clump and remove the smell.
Clumping litter is ideal for one cat because after the pet goes to the toilet, the lump has time to dry out and can be removed. If there are two or more cats in the house, the lumps may not have time to dry, so pets will carry the filler on their paws throughout the house.


The best litter for cats in Ukraine is produced in the Private Joint-Stock Company “Weighting Plant”

The best litter for cats in Ukraine is produced in the Private Joint-Stock Company “Weighting Plant”, the city of Konstantinovka, Donetsk region.
Today, bulk cat litter is produced and consumed in huge quantities. The assortment on the Ukrainian market is difficult to observe, only the number of recognizable brands is approaching a hundred. At the same time, under each umbrella brand, whole lines of different types of fillers are being deployed.
We keep the quality of our filler up to the mark by strictly controlling the raw materials used. We have our own specifications, which we have made specifically for our type of product and which we strictly adhere to.
Our Cat LAnd is a natural environmentally friendly bentonite clay litter for cats. On contact with liquid, forms elastic lumps. Reliably retains moisture. Prevents the spread of unpleasant odors. Profitable purchase, the filler will last for a long time. No complete replacement required, just remove the lumps. Attractive for kittens and cats during litter training. Safe for animals.


Filler for cats Cat Land

You can buy Cat Land litter for cats from us at the Private Joint-Stock Company “Weighting Agents Plant” . The most advanced technologies are used in the production of the filler. Our filler is a mineral, natural product. Environmentally friendly and safe litter for cats makes life for your pets more comfortable.

How to use: pour the litter into the animal tray with a layer of 4-5 cm, remove solid excrement and lumps once a day, add a new portion of the litter to the tray.


Buy litter for cats

You can buy litter for cats in our online store www.catland.com.ua.
The premium quality of our sanitary filler has been repeatedly confirmed at many international pet exhibitions. In 2019, we switched to the production of filler in two packages of 2.5 and 5 kg. At the same time, at the present stage, our specialists have found the best sizes of the filler and now we produce medium-sized granules. This makes it possible to obtain a high rate of moisture absorption.
When you use our product, you can be sure that the litter will not spread around your house behind the paws of your cats.


Purchase of our product.

If you decide to purchase our product, leave a request on the site and within a few minutes our specialists will contact you. We work personally with each client. If you order a filler for your pet, we can offer you good kits, which will include from one to ten packets. If you are in the business of pet products, then our specialists will offer small wholesale lots with very flexible conditions. Well, if you are a representative of a large retail network, we will offer the most favorable prices in Ukraine for litter for cats. We are ready to ship our products by carriage standards.


The best producer of Ukraine.

The specialists of our laboratory in their research have come to a unique, medium-sized granules. This size is the most convenient and safe for pet filler. It makes it possible to use the product very economically. At the same time, the best water absorption coefficient was achieved in our enterprise. A few words about our products. We have developed two types of product packaging – packages weighing 2.5 and 5 kg.

Наполнитель для кошек Cat Land

Low Cost - Cat Land

For filling toilets and litter of domestic animals in order to absorb moisture, unpleasant odors and harmful substances. Composition: 100% natural bentonite clay. Storage conditions: in dry rooms with a relative humidity of not more than 70%. Expiration date: it is not limited if storage conditions are observed. Method of application: pour filler into the animal tray with a layer of 4-5 cm, remove solid excrement and lumps once a day, add a new portion of filler to the tray.


Quality management system

Raw materials supplied to the enterprise are accompanied by quality certificates and radiation certificates. Central factory laboratory conducts input radiation control of raw materials. In 2019, the company reduced the sanitary protection zone, taking into account the possible output at maximum production capacity, which will allow in the near future to increase production volumes.


Environmentally friendly production

Environmental protection in recent years is one of the key issues both at the state level and at the global level. Industrial ecology is an integral part of the production process and with a progressive approach to solving environmental issues gives the production not only environmental, but also economic effect. The company carries out environmental activities in accordance with the requirements of the environmental legislation of Ukraine.

Наполнитель для кошек Cat Land

Cat Land number 1 in Ukraine

A revolutionary clumping cat litter has appeared on the Ukrainian pet supplies market! The composition includes 100% natural bentonite clay, which is absolutely safe for the health of your pet. Our filler does not stick to the paws of animals and does not create dust, so nothing threatens your carpets and floor coverings! You do not need to replace the entire tray – you just need to remove the lumps that have formed and add a little more to the filler, thereby minimizing the consumption of filler and your pet will not have any worries or discomfort!