Filler for pets


"Cat Land" is a hygienic bentonite filler for pets. It is a mixture of specially treated clay lumps that perfectly absorb large amounts of moisture.


Key Features of the Cat Land Brand

High water absorption - "Cat Land"

For filling toilets and litter of domestic animals in order to absorb moisture.

Low Cost - Cat Land

Once a day, remove hard lumps and add a new portion of filler to the tray.

Odor Absorption - "Cat Land"

At the request of the customer, we add flavorings when packaging in bags.

Eco Friendly - "Cat Land"

100% natural and does not require chemical additives, since it is the natural smell that attracts animals.

Cat Hygiene Pet Filler

A revolutionary clumping cat litter has appeared on the Ukrainian pet supplies market! The composition includes 100% natural bentonite clay, which is absolutely safe for the health of your pet. Our filler does not stick to the paws of animals and does not create dust, so nothing threatens your carpets and floor coverings! If liquid enters the toilet, small lumps are formed that collect all the moisture and lock odors! You do not need to replace the entire tray - you just need to remove the formed lumps and add a little more filler, thereby minimizing the consumption of filler and your pet will not have any worries and discomfort!

International Standard for Quality

We invite you to cooperation!

We invite to cooperation distributors, dealers and business partners in the regions of Ukraine and the CIS countries for the distribution of hygienic bentonite fillers for pets TM "Cat Land". Packing of products is carried out in convenient plastic bags weighing 2.5 and 5.0 kg. The product is 100% natural; it is in great demand at pet stores and retail chains.

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"Cat Land" is available for all kinds of pets

Наполнитель для кошек Cat Land

For cats


"Cat Land"​




"Cat Land"​




"Cat Land"​




"Cat Land"​

Best Pet Filler in 2019 year

Cat Land perfectly neutralizes odors thanks to the natural antibacterial components of bentonite. A specially designed composition fights the growth and reproduction of bacteria, thereby guaranteeing the health of your pet. Combined with a dust-reducing formula, clumping filler is ideal for multiple pet owners.

Customer reviews

I bought Cat Land litter for a cat, decided to try it (usually I took a more expensive one). And, as one ad said, "why pay more!" I was quite pleased with the fact that the consumption is small, the smells are great kills. In general, I recommend.
Normal filler. The smell keeps. The cat does not drag it along on its paws. There is no dust around the tray. By the way, it is suitable not only for cats. Can be used for both dogs and hamsters. Now let's go to "Cat Land" for sure.
Tried Cat Land for my dog. Just great! Extra dirt. Legs stay clean. It forms lumps that can be collected and disposed of in the trash. No unpleasant odors remain and are not expensive.I recommend to everyone for your pets


Наполнитель для котов

Production of clumping filler Сat Land

In the modern market for hygienic cat litter mixtures, there is a large selection of products. Many pet owners prefer the Cat Land mineral clumping litter because of its low packaging cost, economical consumption

Наполнитель для котов

Cat Land is a natural substance, clay

Clay was and remains a popular material – it is from it that many veterinarians recommend to train a kitten to the toilet, because it most of all resembles a natural cat’s “litter box”.

Наполнитель для котов

Choose Cat Land - the perfect litter for your cat

The litter must be pet-safe. There are cases when an inappropriate filler has caused an allergic reaction and dermatological diseases. Prefer natural Cat Land litter with no additives or synthetic flavors

Наполнитель для котов

Any product must combine the main thing: price-quality ratio

More recently, it was common to see cat owners collecting sand in sandpits or at a nearby construction site. For the winter, the sand was harvested for future use

наполнитель для кошек

Unscented cat litter - possible?

Fluffy pets give us a lot of positive emotions, but many do not dare to have a cat or cat, fearing unpleasant odors. Indeed, the smell of urine in these animals is often so strong that the human sense of smell can hardly stand it.

кошачий туалет

Cats love Cat Land most of all

The most popular litter for trays is Cat Land (bentonite) clump litter. It is made from clay or opalcristobalite minerals. The result is a mixture that, upon contact with liquids, clumps and becomes solid. 

Наполнитель для домашних животных

The best choice for Cat Land litter box!

Bentonite-based Cat Land filler is a high quality product. Bentonite is a natural material used for various purposes. Bentonite based Cat Land litter is recognized as the best. Judging by the reviews, it is very easy to use. 

1 березня - Всесвітній день котів.

March 1 - World Cat Day

According to rough estimates, approximately 600 million cats currently live on the planet. Among them, you can find at least 256 different breeds. Lovely and affectionate creatures are favorites of many people. 

Наполнитель для котов

Fillers are very important for the comfortable coexistence of humans and cats.

Fillers are very important for the comfortable coexistence of humans and cats. First, litter helps the cat know where to go to the toilet.

Наполнитель для котов

Retention of moisture and all the smell of bentonite is due to its unique properties.

Bentonite is a naturally occurring material that has proven itself in many applications. And the filler made of this material for trays

Наполнитель для котов

How to use cat litter? Why do you need filler at all?

The correct organization of the toilet is a mandatory aspect of the life and upbringing of an urban cat, which does not have the opportunity to go outside to relieve itself.

Наполнитель для котов

It is not without reason that Cat Land is recognized as the best-selling and most popular filler.

It is not without reason that Cat Land is recognized as the best-selling and most popular filler.