Cat Land - manufacturer of PJSC "Weighting Plant"

Leading manufacturer of bentonite products in Ukraine. The main supplies of raw materials are carried out from the quarry of bentonite clay of LLC Grigoryevsky mine. Bentonites of foreign deposits are also used in production.
Expansion of the plant’s production base, modernization and replacement of obsolete equipment with modern equipment, commissioning of new production facilities is today's life of the enterprise. Much attention is paid to the release of a hygienic bentonite filler (NGB) for pets toilets - the favorites of so many people. The production of these products is both expanded and improved.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection in recent years is one of the key issues both at the state level and at the global level. Industrial ecology is an integral part of the production process and with a progressive approach to solving environmental issues gives the production not only environmental, but also economic effect. The company carries out environmental activities in accordance with the requirements of the environmental legislation of Ukraine.
Raw materials supplied to the enterprise are accompanied by quality certificates and radiation certificates. Central factory laboratory conducts input radiation control of raw materials. In 2019, the company developed a sanitary protection zone, taking into account a possible exit to maximum production capacity, which will allow increasing production volumes in the near future.

Our priorities

Health, safety, environmental protection. It is imperative that we conduct our activities in such a way as to protect the safety and health of our employees, those who participate in our activities, our customers, visitors and the surrounding community and the environment.